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Success: Economic Tour One

April 9, Cheyenne


Ambassador Marc Wall, Senior Scholar Global Studies,
University of Wyoming

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The Wyoming Business Alliance’s first Economic Outlook tour on April 9 was very successful.  Featuring Ambassador Marc Wall, the program – held in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Cheyenne – had over 200 people in attendance.


Ambassador Marc Wall was the key speaker.  His forty year U.S. State Department career has included economic and reconstruction efforts in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.  His observations:


* 63,000 Wyoming jobs depend on foreign trade, $7.6 billion exports in 2012, 4% of the State’s GDP; 900 foreign students at the University of Wyoming


* Tourism – Fastest growing economies in the world are China, India, Malaysia and Vietnam.


* Trona/soda ash: Wyoming’s biggest export yearly, $800 million.  There is currently a tariff on U.S. trona exports to Japan and Vietnam, but no tariffs on the Chinese (a trona producer).  Wyoming is the world’s number one producer


* China/Japan: In September, 2010 a Chinese fishing boat was caught, after ramming a Japanese Coast Guard ship.  The captain was jailed, leading to actions and street violence against Japanese stores/ products in China.  China then cut off rare earth mineral exports to Japan.  China produces 90% of the world’s supply.  NE Wyoming has a planned mining venture which would be the largest in the U.S…


* Uranium.  The 9.0 earthquake and tsunami in NE Japan two years ago has resulted in Japan closing all of its 54 nuclear power plants.  The power is being generated now by the spot market coal and natural gas.  Uranium in the U.S. has fallen from $65 a pound to $35.  Wyoming is the number one producer in the U.S…


* Ukraine and Crimea.  Much of Europe is at risk as Russia exports natural gas.  U.S. needs to export this commodity.  Federal law prohibits this or makes it difficult.  A Trans Atlantic trade agreement would circumvent this…


SUMMARY…The world does matter to Wyoming.  Foreign trade agreements matter…Maritime trade can make a difference…Disputes unresolved matter…Wyoming is not isolated.